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"FAMILY COURT ADVICE promotes fathers' rights and helps fathers regain contact with their children at a fraction of solicitors costs.

There is a set fee which covers ALL work connected with the case, including travel within the UK and Ireland.

It is right that families need fathers and justice for fathers in the court system is being achieved through FAMILY COURT ADVICE."

We help divorced or separated fathers who are having difficulty in getting to see their children. We have dealt with many absent parents over the last three years. Families need fathers but justice for fathers is still a good way off. FAMILY COURT ADVICE is helping to achieve it.

Access - or contact - for an absent parent need not be the expensive and frightening process that has been a feature of family courts for so long.

The organisations of Families Need Fathers and Fathers for Justice and similar bodies have been demanding changes in the law to make it easier for fathers to achieve justice and for dads to see their children and have parental rights. FAMILY COURT ADVICE believes families definitely need fathers and promotes justice for fathers

With our unique, confidential and thorough approach we have been highly effective in reuniting children in England and Wales since 2002 with absent fathers no matter where they live.

If this sounds helpful, and you are determined to achieve contact without ruinous legal costs, then do please visit the rest of the website. For a TOTALLY FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION then contact Peter Flynn via the site, or by a telephone call.

The law, as it stands, can severely punish absent fathers: Family Court Advice helps to combat this.

What are my qualifications for helping you?

Since 1977 I have been a probation officer involved initially on a part time basis in family court work. In 1991 I was appointed to be a court welfare officer on a full time basis, dealing exclusively with family court matters; I was one of the first court welfare officers involved in the process of in-court mediation in England and Wales and pioneered it at a time when it was unheard of in most areas. Court Welfare changed to CAFCASS and I was part of the transition to the new service. I remained in CAFCASS until I took early retirement in February 2002 and started Family Court Advice. This means that since 1991 I have been involved exclusively in the law about children, in continuous court practice, in mediation, in dealing with solicitors, barristers and judges, and above all a great advantage over solicitors in dealing with the children themselves, and their wishes and feelings and well being. I have also dealt with both sides to the disputes and have seen the anguish caused to children and parents by such disputes. To grow into balanced, mature adults, children need two loving parents and my work has always been dedicated to achieving this.
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